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Dungeon, Too

The Pitt Returns

3 February 1986
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No life. Had to have something to do with my time.

But if you want the full-on, balls to the wall bio, click here.

Also, alternative e-mails: michele.morphine@gmail.com : michele.brack@usm.edu

The WeatherPixie

I am a co-mod of the buy_a_hairbrush community. Check it out...

Sponsered by __vam

Tim Burton is Love

the Crow is Love

Interview with the Vampire is love

Lost Boys is vampire love

Labyrinth is love.

Spander - 'Cause you know they're doing it

Brian and Michael is "Always Have, Always Will" Love.

Draco is love

MMPR is Love

I'm a proud citizen of CHAD! 'Cause he's a fine piece of real estate and I wanna get me some land!

(Yes, Chad really is a real country, you silly humans)

Boys Kissing is Sex Love

Poppy Z. Brite books are full of hott gay luvin'

alexander skarsgård, allan hyde, angel, art, bam margera, batman, bela lugosi, billy idol, blood, bondage, books, brandon lee, brothers & sisters, buffy, chad ginsburg, charles busch, cky, coffins, comedians, csi, danny elfman, david boreanaz, david bowie, death, doctor who, draco malfoy, drag queens, eddie izzard, edgar allen poe, edvard munch, eric szmanda, errol flynn, expression, fairly odd parents, fanfiction, firefly, fushigi yuugi, gareth david-lloyd, generation kill, gerard butler, gir, h.i.m., hal sparks, harry potter, harry/draco, heroes, him, homosexuality, horror movies, iaon gruffudd, independent films, jack/ianto, james marsters, jane austin, jason david frank, jeff dunham, jeremy irons, jhonen vasquez, jim morrison, john barrowman, johnny depp, jonas brothers, kenneth branagh, kevin smith, leather, lordi, manga, matthew rhys, meat loaf, mighty morphin power rangers, milo ventimiglia, monty python, movies, musicals, night, nightmare before christmas, noel fielding, nosferatu, old movies, oscar wilde, party monster, pauly d/vinny, perversion, phantom of the opera, photography, pink floyd, poetry, poppy z. brite, punk, queen, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, reading, ren and stimpy, repo! the gentic opera, russell brand, s&m, salvador dali, say anything, sex pistols, sexual activities, singing, six feet under, slash, sleepy hollow, smut, spike, stephen lynch, sweeney todd, sylar, tasuki, techno, television, terrance zdunich, the crow, the mighty boosh, the monkees, the rasmus, theatre, tim burton, tim curry, tom felton, tom jones, torchwood, transvestites, true blood, tv, vampire hunter d, vampires, ville valo, vincent price, vladimir nabokov, wales, weird al, wicca, writing, yaoi, zachary quinto, zorro